Avon Co-op Nursery School is absolutely fantastic. We love the school, the teachers and the families who attend. Both my son and daughter learned so much attending the Avon Co-op preschool program and it really prepared them for the transition into Kindergarten. From learning basic school routines, getting dressed by themselves in outdoor gear, making friends, problem solving between classmates and learning how to play and learn in a group environment are just some of the skills they are equipped with thanks to Avon Co-op! The activities the children do are fun and educational. The best part is they are exposed to so many fun, unique activities and the mess happens at school, not home! Each child is treated with love and kindness. We are truly grateful for this school! We look forward to sending our youngest once he’s old enough!
I just wanted to share a quick note about how grateful I am for Avon Co-operative Nursery School. Leaving your child with a stranger is super intimidating, but when your kid asks everyday if she gets to go to school that day (even on weekends), it’s super reassuring that the staff at the School are making my daughter feel just as comfortable as she would be at home. On top of that, she’s learning how to play with others her own age, her language has been developing so much quicker than when she was just home with me, and she naps SO HARD when she gets home; win-win-win!
“No one can care for her the way I can” was my first thought as I registered my daughter for her first year At Avon Co-Operative Nursery School. The staff at Avon Co-Op may not be her mom, but the undeniable care that they provide her while she is there is heartwarming. We are greeted every morning with a big smile and a warm hello by not only her teacher, but any staff members we encounter. Her personal skills, language skills and knowledge base has far surpassed my expectations upon registration two years ago. My daughter will be attending kindergarten in the fall and I know she is more than ready thanks to Avon Co-Operative Nursery
School. If you have any hesitation when registering your child, let me be the one to tell you it’s going to be one
of the greatest things you can do for your little one and you won’t regret it.
We love Avon Co Op! It is a very welcoming and friendly school and the staff works so hard to provide the students with amazing experiences. We can always tell that careful thought and planning has gone into the activities available every day. Our son’s teachers are always available and willing to talk about any concerns we have. We also loved the field trips to McCullys Hill Farm and Wildwood, and really appreciate the special guests and programming that the school organizes, like dance instructors and library guests. We weren’t anticipating putting our child in preschool, but are so glad we made the choice to start his education at Avon Co-Op!
Avon Co-op has given our son the freedom to engage in imaginative play within a classroom-like setting. We feel he is now better prepared to start school: he’s gained confidence to try new tasks on his own and learned how to cooperate with other children his age. The staff has even gone above and beyond to work with us to
accommodate his food allergy. We can’t thank the staff at Avon Co-op enough for their energy and enthusiasm as they work to create a safe, caring and loving learning environment for our son.