As a member of our Co-operative preschool, your involvement includes: attending General Meetings, serving on a Committee or on the Board of Directors; and participating in fundraising initiatives. Members are always welcome to attend any Board meeting.

There are 3 General meetings throughout the school year – November, February and April. The meetings are a forum for parents to know what’s going on in the school and vote on matters of the school.

Committees are an essential part of the Nursery School as they help to keep costs down – which translates into lower tuition. When everyone does their part, the co-operative wins. There are several of committees available with varying time requirements.

Parents have the opportunity to assist in the classroom as part of the Classroom Volunteer Committee. Parents assist on a rotating basis generally once a month. While at the school, parents work with the teacher and have the opportunity to be with their child and get to know the children and the class.

Fundraising activities work to raise awareness of Avon Co-operative in the community while raising funds to keep costs down.Tuition alone does not cover the costs of operating the nursery school; fundraising plays a big part in covering expenses.