Are you interested in being more involved with the nursery school? Would you like to be on the board? Being on the board is a rewarding experience – you have an opportunity like no other to have a direct impact on your child’s development. It’s a great way to make friends, meet people in the community and even build on your skill sets.

Below is the list of Board of Directors with a brief description and email address.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email the president at and let your interest be known! Voting for positions of the Board of Directors takes place in February for the September – June school year.

  • Plans the activities for the year ahead for the Board and involves the Board in planning for the future
  • Co-ordinates the Board’s basic responsibilities and delegates tasks and functions accordingly
  • Represents the school at public relations functions
Vice President
  • Coordinates Human Resource activities: contracts, supply list, interviews, performance evaluations
  • Maintains ByLaws
  • Supports the President as required
  • Maintains custody of all the funds
  • Coordinator with bookkeeper, accountant and administrator of financial reports
  • Prepares the school budget
  • Handles all queries regarding registration and space availability at the school
  • Maintains, updates and distributes registration and orientation materials (forms, packages and handbooks)
  • Maintains up-to-date records of class and committee lists and distributes as required
  • Has charge of the minute books and take minutes at Board and general meetings
  • Shall record, file and distribute minutes for all meetings to Board members
  • With assistance from Robert’s Rules of Order, recommends rulings when required
  • Oversee the yearly fundraising campaigns, including setting vendors, distributing information and coordinating with parent committee members
  • Maintain up-to-date fundraising files including inventory, orders made, expenses and surplus
  • Work with the Fundraising Committee to generate new ideas for fundraising and delegate responsibilities
  • Oversee the yearly events within the community
  • Coordinate working the events with parent committee members
  • Maintain community contacts and develop relationships within the community
Parent Teacher Liaison
  • Acts as a liaison for communication between families and Board of Directors and staff
  • Oversees the implementation of a yearly (or more frequent) survey of families
  • Maintains records of committee leads and ensures member participation